Retinal Topography Maps Database

Professor Shaun P. Collin
School of Animal Biology and the UWA Oceans Institute
The University of Western Australia
Crawley  WA  6009, Australia

This database is a compilation of over 700 retinal topography maps of a wide variety of species published in a diversity of journals. It has been assembled to assist vision and neuroscience researchers to locate and compare the distribution of retinal neurons within and across species. Professor Jack Pettigrew FRS suggested the idea, which was later followed up by Professor Shaun Collin.

The maps can be searched by taxonomic or common name classification, cell type sampled, type of retinal specialization and staining/visualization method. Maps can be compared by selecting multiple maps and clicking the "Compare Selected" button. An interactive spreadsheet can be also downloaded.

Material should be cited as Collin SP, A database of retinal topography maps. Clin Exp Optom 2008; 91: 1: 85-95. Database at URL http://www.retinalmaps.com.au.

Permission to reproduce the maps in this database has been obtained from the original publishers. However, these maps may not be copied or published in print or electronically without the permission of the original publishers.

You can also add your own maps to this database. All submitted maps will be subjected to referee approval before being available online.

I understand that I may not copy or publish these maps without the permission of the original publishers.

The database was constructed and is maintained by Clinical and Experimental Optometry.

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